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Hopewell Digital develops effective websites to help purpose-driven companies thrive. We aim to empower not only those we serve (that’s you), but also the people you serve. We support passionate small-business owners, non-profits, and entrepreneurs in transforming their online presence. Whether you need a new website, ongoing support for your current website, or something in-between, our goal is to make your life easier.

Kiondra Hope

Owner | Web Strategist

I’ve been designing and coding websites since the early 2000’s. Yep, that’s back when MySpace was the major social network! In fact, to have a really cool profile required learning HTML and CSS. And so I did. And I was hooked. I began making custom themes for local bands and small businesses, then eventually built an online store for my thrifting-obsession. My little shop was featured frequently in the forum area and I was contacted regularly for help and even for my theme!

In 2010 I was freelancing and building small sites for local businesses and in 2016 I started working with award-winning digital marketing agencies in the Portland area as a contractor.

What I like most about building websites is that I get to be visually creative and solve problems. Coding scratches that logic and trouble-shooting itch, while design lets me partake in my more artsy side. It’s the perfect combination of the creative and analytical.

My goal is to help make everyone’s life easier. By building easy-to-use websites, I can help the people I serve (you), and the people you serve.

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