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Promotional Product Company

Righteous Clothing is a promotional product company located in the Portland, Oregon area. The company handles promotional marketing, online employee stores, and order fullfillment for companies in the restaurant industry.



decrease in loading time


increase in organic traffic


increase in inquiries


Righteous had a very slow, outdated website that wasn’t being utilized as an effective marketing tool. At the time, their website was heavy with industry jargon, wasn’t inviting or customer friendly, and did not rank well organically for any preferred search terms.

On top of this, there were too many pages with one paragraph of text and page loads were routinely in excess of 30 seconds.


Strategically, it made the most sense to launch SEO services alongside a brand new website. We designed a new website that was customer-friendly, easy to read, and optimized from an SEO perspective.

Last but not least, we performed 100+ optimizations for on-page SEO, technical SEO, and optimized their business listings. 


The impact of the new website, coupled with strong SEO, was immediate. Organic traffic doubled within the first month, the quality of that traffic improved drastically, and they were seeing a 600% increase in quality inquiries. The new website was able to retaining customers on the pages, making each visit a higher quality visit.

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