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A spiritually based, educational and training organization that offers attunements and training programs for advanced healing, spiritual awareness, and personal development.

For this brand’s project, the vibe we were going for was spiritual and professional. Because they already had an existing large website, our goal was to re-platform them to WordPress to make the website easier to manage, and to level up the existing, dated brand identity. We also created original brand elements.


This spiritually based, educational and training organization had a website that was over 10 years old. It was confusing to use for the owners and customers, hard to update, and was lacking a cohesive brand identity. They needed a place for existing members to find exclusive content and resources, and a streamlined checkout for people who purchased courses.


We decided that it was essential to update the brand identity before designing a new website. We developed a logo, and set of brand icons that played off of each other. We then designed a modern, aesthetically pleasing, website that was modern and easy to use.


Website Design

Identity Design

lighrays homepage
lightrays brand elements
lightrays logo
lightrays homepage

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