Quick Tips to identify the latest scams targeting website owners.

Scams Targeting Website Owners: Website Domain Renewals

This tip is about the latest scams targeting website owners. As if we don’t have enough to worry about, right?!

Scammers are getting REALLY GOOD at making things look legit. Lately, we’re seeing an uptick in website domain renewal scams. These always come through our contact forms saying our website is about to be deleted because we haven’t paid the renewal fee. There’s usually more text and some links to ‘pay your bill.’

These are 100% a phishing scam. Your domain registrar will never contact you through your website contact form. They already have your email and you’ll be notified multiple times via their official email when your domain is approaching it’s renewal date.

Receive a notice through your website’s contact form?

  • First and foremost – CLICK NOTHING.
  • Do not forward the email or reply to it.
  • Take a screenshot of the notice to save in case you want to report it.

If you have an urge to click or download anything, do anything but that.

Remember, if you owe your domain registrar money — they will NEVER contact you through your website’s contact form. If you get an email about a domain renewal it will always come from an email that comes from your domain provider’s website.

If you’ve received a domain renewal notice, log-in to your domain registrar and find out if you’re up for renewal, look up the records, or ask your friendly web maintenance or marketing provider to find out for you.

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