Website Retainer Packages

Ongoing support at a flat monthly rate

Perfect for businesses who need ongoing web support, but don’t need to hire a full time designer.

Please Review our Monthly Retainer Packages

Why choose a retainer program?

If you know that you will need design services on a monthly basis, but don’t need to hire a full-time designer, our retainer packages are for you.

You get a discounted rate compared to the normal hourly rate and and a guaranteed amount of time with us each month.

Get piece of mind with guaranteed availability and hours

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How does it work?

A retainer fee is a monthly fee that is paid up front each month and is essentially paying for guaranteed time versus a specific service. 

Based on the retainer package you select, hours will be blocked out each month. You can use your time for consulting, website updates, new page creation, and so much more!

No need to worry about other client projects since your hours are guaranteed

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