Website Maintenance: The Secret To A Successful Website

Just like cars, it doesn’t end after signing the papers and getting the keys. They’re a long-term commitment and need regular maintenance, money, and effort to stay running in the best condition. The same is true for your website. it needs to be updated technically, visually, and checked for bugs and hackers. This is why website maintenance is important.

Websites aren’t set-and-forget.

Your website should have maintenance on a regular basis. If you aren’t checking in on it, you could miss important updates and security patches, potential problems, or even get hacked. Today’s savvy (and impatient) customers are going to look elsewhere if they see anything wrong with your website.

Website Maintenance Plan Benefits

Many people don’t understand the benefits of on-going website maintenance. Some benefits are:

  • Performance and load time of your website depend on WordPress and plugins running properly — and on the newest versions. WordPress and plugins are often updated to fix bugs, security vulnerabilities, and add features.
  • Updates, content changes, and backups need to be done in an error-free environment. You should always be able to immediately back up your site in case something breaks.

At Hopewell, we offer website maintenance plans for every budget. We check your website weekly, instead of monthly. Our system keeps track of version numbers, what has updates, and how many changes have been made. If there’s ever an issue, we can immediately revert your site back to the working state. Then we can address and fix it without you ever knowing there was a problem!

DIY Maintenance Isn’t The Best Option

If you’re comfortable doing these updates yourself, that’s great. Just be aware that oftentimes updates can cause your site to break (or completely crash). When things break due to inexperience or neglect you may end up not being able to access your site or make edits. You need to know what do if this ever happens and if you have to hire someone to troubleshoot, it will cost a lot more money.

Hire A Professional

We know you’re busy doing what do best, and updating your website probably isn’t something that’s on your mind. That’s where we come in! If you’re ready to take the next step, contact us to figure out the right website maintenance plan for you and ensure your website is always running optimally.

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